About us

Trustco Investment Trust Company S.A., is a corporation duly organized and existent pursuant to the laws of the Republic of Costa Rica, for the administration of third-party resources through trusts or any type of resource administration in accordance with subsection D of article 15 of the law number nine thousand four hundred forty-nine; with corporate identity number (3-101-446846), domiciled at the city of San José and registered before SUGEF and authorized by CONASSIF on March 25, 2011; which was renewed by article 12 of the minutes of the session 1496-2019, held on April 22, 2019, by (CONASSIF).

(SUGEF: Superintendencia General Entidades Financieras, which is Costa Rica's financial system regulator. SUGEF is in charge of safeguarding the stability of the country's financial system, inspecting the operations of controlled entities, and submitting reports on its supervision and inspection activities to the national financial system supervision board CONASSIF.)

Throughout our experience in the market, we have established ourselves as a high- reliability and efficient cmpany for our customers, we have achieved this through the best practices of transparency and honesty in the management of resources.


At Trustco Investment Trust S.A. company, we are committed in providing the highest quality of service along with high integrity and honesty.

We have an expert team in the custody of third party funds and great experience with financial institutions. Our Compliance Office is constantly updated on issues related to prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing, guaranteeing our customers our commitment and responsibility to the custody of their funds .

Our founding partners have extensive experience in various branches of law and administration , providing Trustco Investment Trust Company S.A. with a first level board.

The goal of our staff is to provide the public with the highest professional quality escrow services and to do so with honesty and integrity.